Domane (pre 2016). (Dough-mah-nii. An anagram of Madone; and Émonda.)  Will take SKS mudguards uncut with 23 mm Continental GP4000 II.  With the mudguards cut, will take 25 mm Continental GP4000 II, but not 28 mm — on Pacenti SL23. Will take Schwalbe 28 mm One tubeless. (Note Shimano 6800 Ultegra brakes have a max tyre width of 25 mm. Shimano 6700 will fit 28 mm.) Duotrap works quite nicely. Pioneer power meters aren’t a neat fit — the magnet will need attaching with cable ties. Bontrager do have a pannier to fit. If you decide to use the hidden eyelets, it might be an idea to Loctite-Blue them. Otherwise they tend to rattle, and this wears down the threads of the eyelets until they can come out. The eyelets can also shear. It’s a good idea to carry a couple of spare eyes (and collars) on long rides. The press-fit bottom bracket tends to last for a year / 8,000 miles, if you’re lucky.

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