Exposure Flash (front) and Flare. Used for two years. Excellent lights for being seen. The front light is not focused enough to ride by in the dark. So these lights are excellent in support of a main front light — such as a dynamo light. Light weight — c.35 g. Work off CR123 batteries — so multi-day rides can be accommodated by changing batteries. (Trace and Tracer are rechargeable versions of these lights.) Using rechargeable batteries in the front is a good idea, as it makes the front light considerably┬ábrighter (a claimed 110 lumens). (The rear gives the same output — a claimed 75 lumens — whichever kind of battery is used.) One clear design weakness (from brand new) — if you ride over a particular kind of big bump, the lights will switch from one mode to another, i.e. from flashing to constant, or from constant to flashing. (The mode is switched by turning on and off. Hitting a bump effectively does this, as the battery loses contact with the positive pole contact — as the battery compresses the spring.) This isn’t a particular problem with the front, as you will tend to notice the change; it is more of a pain with the rear. (The constant runtime is about 3 hours. The pulsing runtime is a claimed 24 hours — I think I get quite a lot less than this.) On the other hand, it is a very bright, very visible rear light. Tip: use some gaffer tape on the top of the front light to prevent glare blinding you at night.

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